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Retrofitting desalination plants to be carbon negative and to close water loops, avoiding brine disposal.

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About Us

Our History

We are a Chilean Scientific and Technological-Based Company founded in 2021, specializing in the development of technologies for brine treatment and recovery of valuable products.

We placed special emphasis on making the integrated BRS profitable, in order to accelerate the adoption of this environmentally friendly solution without compromising the economics of desalination plants.

Our team

We create sustainable technological solutions, driven by a team of highly committed professionals.

Our team comprises professionals with diverse academic backgrounds, with more than a decade of industrial experience. Specialized in chemical engineering, electronics, environmental science, and anthropology, our members hold advanced degrees and international certifications.

This multidisciplinary approach enables us to excel in research and development in areas such as industrial electrochemistry, wastewater treatment, hydrogen production, CO2 capture, and environmental impact assessments. Additionally, we possess experience in project management, technology transfer, project formulation, and intellectual property.

Our collective expertise allows us to address complex projects and provide innovative and sustainable solutions, thereby contributing to our environment and society.

More than Brine Mining

Our mission is to transform desalination plants into carbon sequestration units and production facilities of sustainable materials, without brines, by using:

Innovative Concepts

Radical transformations demand ingenious designs. Our brine recovery system incorporates novel breakthroughs in hardware and operation.

Modern Technologies

We incorporate in our foundations the latest tools of digitization, power electronics, artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing.

Renewable Energy

Our system is designed to work directly with renewable energies, avoiding power conversions and taking advantage of intermittent cycles.

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